Best contact details for Manly Touch are:

Email – [email protected]

Phone – (02) 8456 0384

Mail – P.O. Box 294, Balgowlah NSW 2093

Manly Warringah Touch Association Inc. (MWTA / Manly Touch) provides one of the largest touch football competitions in Australia catering for male and female participants from 7-70 years of age. Established in 1974, we are a not-for-profit organisation, currently with around 4,000 active junior and senior playing members.

Based on the Northern Beaches of Sydney participants compete in local junior and senior competitions and at various representative tournaments.

Participants can play in mens, womens, or mixed gender teams, and of any age or sporting ability. During the winter months we run Monday night and Sunday morning competitions and in the summer months run competitions on Monday, Thursday and Friday nights and Sunday mornings. Our local competitions are competitive but with an overarching emphasis on the social and fun aspect of playing touch footy in a community engaged atmosphere.

Players, coaches, officials and volunteers from all parts of the local community participate and contribute to Manly Touch. However, there are many others from outside the Manly-Warringah area who often travel to be part of this great Club.

Since its inception, Manly Touch has continually grown to be one of Australia’s strongest and most successful touch football associations. In recent times, Manly Touch have made significant improvements in the areas of grassroots participation, player development, technical development, community engagement and representative performance. This was recognised recently when Manly Touch was awarded ‘Affiliate of Year for 2021/2022′ at the 2022 NSW Touch Association (NSWTA) Blues Awards. This is the sixth year in a row Manly Touch have won this award.

Our Junior competition is the largest local touch football competition held in Australia with 380 teams registered and is now operating at full capacity.

Manly Touch is also one of Australia’s most successful representative clubs, being the current NSWTA Junior and Senior State Cup Club Champions.

If you would like to read more about the actual history of touch football in Australia click here.

For more information on Manly Touch please contact our Admin Manager via [email protected]

To lead touch football in the Manly Warringah area and develop our enjoyable, fun, socially engaging sport to position of the Northern Beaches’ leading community sport.

Our ‘Service Mission’ – To be one of the most respected and successfully administered touch football affilliates and sporting bodies state-wide and nationally.

• Our ‘Product Mission’ – To develop, service and expand the sport of Touch Football as an enjoyable, fun, socially engaging, accessible and inclusive sport, conducted in a safe and welcoming environment for all in the Manly Warringah area.

• Our ‘Economic Mission’ – To preserve the ongoing economic viability of the organisation while ensuring the financial accessibility and affordability of the sport for all participants and families in the Manly Warringah area remains.

By encouraging, promoting, fostering and developing the dynamic sport of touch football we also aim to make Manly Touch the largest and most successful touch football club, not only in NSW but in Australia.

Our Values

  • Leadership
  • Integrity
  • Professionalism
  • Diversity
  • Excellence

Manly Touch seeks to foster an atmosphere that will engage and retain players, coaches, managers, referees, officials, supporters and volunteers; and to create a passion and love for touch football that will help build and make Manly Touch even stronger in the future. 

Manly Touch promotes a professional, positive, family friendly, vibrant image and we strongly support the concept of teamwork both on and off the field. We encourage and welcome parent, supporter and volunteer involvement at team, club and representative level.

Manly Touch also encourages an atmosphere of learning and skill development for players, coaches, referees and officials. For those that seek a representative pathway we encourage a highly competitive and committed group of players who are prepared to train hard and become long term Manly Touch players. By improving players skill level, we hope to set these players on the pathway so that in the future they can represent Manly at Junior State Cup, Senior State Cup and Vawdon Cup and beyond this to the National Touch League, Elite 8, NSW and Australian level.

Manly Touch engages in the local community through support of various charities such as Fight on the Beaches and our Fiji Footy Boot Promotion.

Executive Committee

Acting President:   Graham Knights – [email protected]
Vice President: Kate Perrett – [email protected]
Vice President: Chloe Butcher 
General Executive Member: Phil McPhee
Treasurer: Paul Macpherson – [email protected]

Should you wish to send an email to the entire Manly Touch Executive Committee please send to [email protected]

Your email will be logged and acknowledged by our Secretary and actioned as soon as possible.


Management Committee

Community Engagement Director: VACANT – [email protected]
Senior Representative Directors: Kerrie Doyle & Lynda Robertson – [email protected]
Junior Representative Director:   Craig Lowe – [email protected]
Development Director: Brandon McDonald – [email protected]
Referee Director:   Brandon Sanderson – [email protected]
Sunday Competition Director:   Peter Casey – [email protected]
General Committee Member: Stuart Geros – [email protected]
Operations Manager: Tayla Browne – [email protected]
Ground Manager (Monday): Jill Zochling – [email protected]
Ground Manager (Thursday): Graham Knights – [email protected]
Ground Managers (Friday): Graham Knights, Jill Zochling & Sabrina Zochling
Official Photographer Matt Long – [email protected]

Life Membership of Manly Warringah Touch Association is the highest honour that can be bestowed on a member. Life Membership is recognition of outstanding dedication, loyalty, service and/or contribution that a member has made over a period of time for our club. For more information on Life Membership please refer to our MWTA Constitution.

Jack Leary (1978)

Ken Irvine* (1981)

Lindsay Campbell (1984)

Tony Rizzo (1984)

Cary Thompson (1984)

Ron Holden (2000)

Peter Casey (2000)

Jim Bennett (2001)

Brett Gillard (2007)

Peter Wandl (2009)

Brandon McDonald (2015)

Kerri McLeod (2015)

Grahame Pickering (2016)

Sue Jones (2018)

Graham Knights (2024)

* Deceased

Manly Touch has appointed an Honours Committee tasked with establishing a policy and criteria around Life Membership. The Honours Committee is also responsible for assessing any nominations for Life Membership.

For more information on Life Membership at Manly Touch please contact the President via [email protected]

All on-field incidents and off-field breaches of our Code of Conduct will be referred to the Manly Warringah Touch Association Disciplinary Tribunal.

Manly Touch has a number of qualified and experienced members that sit on our Disciplinary Tribunal and Appeal Tribunal Panel.

Disciplinary Tribunal Chairperson

Grahame Pickering

Disciplinary Tribunal Panel Members

Gordon Parish

Mark Leonard

Ross Jacobson

Kerri McLeod

Kylie Tallack

Touch Football Australia’s Disciplinary Regulations Manual outlines how unacceptable conduct is managed at Manly Touch.

For more information on our Disciplinary Tribunal and disciplinary regulations at Manly Touch please contact the President via [email protected]

The Honours Committee is tasked with designing the criteria around our Life Membership and also assessing any nominations for Life Membership, with the understanding that a nomination will not automatically lead to a successful application. The Honours Committee will then report back to the Executive Committee with a recommendation for the MWTA Executive to make the final decision before being presented at the AGM (if successful).

Manly Touch members who form our Honours Committee:

Peter Casey

Brett Gillard

Peter Wandl

Sue Jones

Graham Knights

For more information on the Honours Committee at Manly Touch please contact the President via [email protected]

Manly Warringah Touch Association Senior Club Captains

2023 Kate Perrett and Tom Marsters

2022 Melissa Scranage and Ian Kalms

2021   Melissa Vayro and Graham Knights (Retained from 2019/20 due to COVID-19)

2020   Melissa Vayro and Graham Knights (Retained from 2019 due to COVID-19)

2019   Melissa Vayro and Graham Knights

2018   Kylie Peard and Tua Marsters

2017   Lynda Robertson and Christian Browne

2016   Nicole McDonald and Jason Martin

2015   Vicki Humpherson and James Marks

2014   Julie Simons and Matt Scranage

2013   Roha Paki and Tony Suters

2012   Caren Friend and Peter Hammond

2011   Michelle Griffiths and Steve Chiddy

2010   Gloria Berryman and Gary Simmons

2009   Rachel Byrne and Scott Collins

2008   Kerri McLeod and Keith Smith

2007   Cindy Chiddy and Mark Brisby

2006   Edith Nathan and Grahame Pickering

2005   Linda Marks and Brandon McDonald

2004   Kylie Tallack and Heath Cooper

2003   Natalie Harrison and Mark Leonard

2002   Lisa Fiaola and Jeff Pashley

2001   Maureen O’Keefe and Scott Turner

2000   Sue Chiddy and Terry Ricketts


Manly Warringah Touch Association Junior Club Captains

2024 Alyssa Medved and Toby Mayhew

2023 Zara Halliday and Max Marsters

2022 Georgia Walker and Josh Turner

2021  Sabrina Zochling and Cuban Porter-Sheen

2020  Bella Geros and Archie Simons

2019   Pihuka Duff and Nate Scranage

2018   Faith Nathan and Conor Hickey

2017   Aaliyah Paki and Tom Suters

2016   Kristie Leonard and Mason McDonald

2015   Jorga McDonald and Tom Collins

2014   Emma Williams and Billy Leonard

2013   Samantha Donlan and Kalani Duff


Other Documents

Manly Warringah Touch Association is recognised by the NSW Department of Fair Trading as a Tier One Association.

Annual General Meeting

MWTA’s reporting period is 1 April to 31 March.

The MWTA Annual General Meeting is held in late August / September.

At the Annual General Meeting, a copy of the Annual Report (including audited and financial statements) will be provided to Members.

Contact Details

For more information regarding corporate governance or the financial affairs of Manly Touch please contact:

Graham Knights President Manly Warringah Touch Association Incorporated PO Box 214, Dee Why NSW 2099 0416 042 772 [email protected]