Manly Touch is committed to improving our club’s environmental and sustainable practices.

Manly Touch is grateful for the support we have received from Northern Beaches Council. We look forward to continuing to work with NBC, striving to improve on the facilities we currently offer our members and which create a positive impact on the environment.

  • We now have a water refill station positioned at Nolan Reserve which has been very well received by members and has reduced the number of plastic bottles being purchased and dumped into the bins
  • We’ve seen the implementation of a bin enclosure outside of the clubhouse to maintain the facility in a tidy state and redude the incidence of the public dumping their rubbish around the Club House

We are currently investigating:

  • Provision of recycling bins so that recyclables do not go in general rubbish
  • How we can make Manly Touch a single-use-plastic free sport

If you have any ideas on how we can have a more positive impact on our environment, please contact our Secretary via [email protected]