As Manly Touch is a not for profit organisation, sponsorships are our lifeblood.

Manly Touch are very proud to have a thriving group of existing corporate supporters that have shown great commitment and love for Manly Touch. However, we are always looking for new sponsors for various competitions and representative teams.

Sponsorships provide Manly Touch with the opportunity to undertake several programs, initiatives and capital expenditures that will benefit all members.

Sponsorships also help subsidise player levies which include the cost of uniforms, entry into gala day competitions, ground and lighting hire, payment of referees and playing equipment, etc.

By joining Manly Touch, you will share with a commitment in providing a pathway for local juniors all the way from the U/7’s through to Premier League and beyond on to higher representative honours.

Why Sponsor Manly Touch

Sponsorship of Manly Touch via our local competition is a perfect way to gain exposure for your business and/or product amongst families across the Northern Beaches.

However, if you are involved in an organisation with a much wider focus, sponsorship via our representative teams will reach a Sydney, state-wide and national audience.

What we can offer you:

  • Manly Touch has over 4,000 members and this does not include parents, as a vast majority of members are children, so we reach a much wider audience. An interesting fact is some very well-known local Junior Rugby League clubs only have 200-300 members
  • Access to past Manly Touch membership data bases
  • Manly Touch has approximately 2000 followers on Social media including Facebook and Instagram
  • Manly Touch receives on average 30,000 website impressions per month
  • Manly Touch members range from 7 years old to 70 years old
  • Manly Touch members are both male and female, with a high proportion of these female members
  • Manly Touch is also very much a family club with many players having one or more family members as part of the club as well
  • Members have a high disposable income being from the Northern Beaches of Sydney

In a time where sporting participation is on a decline in many of the major sports in Australia, touch football continues to rise. Touch football is now the 3rd largest sport on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

Touch football is also unique in that unlike AFL, NRL and Netball, Touch Football has even numbers of male and female players making it the perfect vehicle to gain exposure of your business and/or product.

Manly Touch will work with you in partnership to help support and promote your organisation, business or product.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Success on and off the field are intrinsically linked. As such, Manly Touch are looking for organisations and businesses that would like to be associated with a successful, forward thinking, community based organisation.

Manly Touch are looking for organisations who want to establish a partnership for a period longer than just one year and ideally it would be a three-year commitment working together in partnership.

Partnering with Manly Touch is not only a great way to contribute to the local Northern Beaches community, it is also a good business decision.

There are many avenues in which to invest your sponsorship dollars. Following is a list of the many opportunities for your organisation, business or product:

  • Direct emails that can be sent to the Manly Touch database which is greater than 4,000 members
  • Social media posts on Facebook and Instagram, Manly Touch has approximately 2,000 followers
  • Logo on Executive Committee Members Email Signatories
  • Branding and direct links from the Manly Touch Website to your website
  • Branding and direct links from the Manly Touch Facebook Page to your website/social media pages
  • Company logo on Manly Touch representative playing gear for Junior State Cup, Vawdon Cup and Senior State Cup
  • Company logo on Manly Touch training singlet for Junior State Cup and Senior State Cup
  • Company logo on the Manly Touch off field t-shirt for Junior State Cup and Senior State Cup
  • Branding on merchandise including water bottles, touch footballs, jackets, jumpers etc.
  • Company logo on the Senior and Juniors local competition playing shirts
  • Company logo on uniforms for referees, coaches, managers, committee etc.
  • Company logo on clubhouse banners, marquees, field flags etc.
  • Product placement (signage/banners at registration time, weekly competition nights, gala days, representative days etc.)
  • Sponsored player awards for social or representative teams
  • Naming rights for teams and/or competitions
  • Sponsorship of coach’s gear pack (cones, balls, poles, gear bag, bibs etc.)
  • Sponsoring BBQs for social competitions, representative teams, gala days, development days
  • Presentations to individual teams on the benefits of your organisation and/or product

Contact Details

For more information regarding sponsorship opportunities with Manly Touch download our Sponsorship Propectus or please contact:

Mania Marsters
Community Engagement Director
Manly Warringah Touch Association Incorporated
PO Box 214, Dee Why NSW 2099
[email protected]