Manly Touch relies heavily on its existing volunteers, who contribute so much to the success and health of our Club.

Our volunteers participate at all levels of the sport including referees, coaches, selectors, judiciary, committee members, etc.

Are you interested in being involved as a volunteer with Manly Touch but don’t know where to start?

Volunteer Roles at Manly Touch

  • Coach or Referee (learn transferable skills by being mentored by a current representative coach or referee)
  • Team manager (assist managing the financial, merchandise and logistical side of one of our representative teams)
  • Competition management and administration (assist in fixture generation, daily administration of the competition, or act as a statistician for a team)
  • Merchandise and apparel (help design, organise, collate and distribute the playing uniforms and gear to our teams)
  • Media and communications (assist with newsletters, media releases, social media posts or website updates)
  • Graphic design (assist in generating posters and social media content)
  • Photographer (become the clubs official photographer at tournaments, events and competitions)
  • Ground and equipment management (assist with the set up and pack down for various events)
  • Event/Competition Marshalling and/or Security
  • Sponsorship coordinator (assist in securing sponsorships for the club)
  • Canteen Manager (stocking and selling products from the canteen/running the BBQ)
  • General assistance on particular Manly Touch projects
  • Sports Medicine (work closely with our coaches in the preparation of our representative teams)
  • Physiotherapy, massage or strapping (provide event support of the players, or even touring with our representative teams)
  • Finance (assist the Treasurer in the reporting aspects of the Club)

Reasons to get involved

  • Being part of the event and supporting the sport
  • Helping put smiles on the faces of participants
  • Meeting lots of interesting people
  • To extend current or learn new skills
  • To gain experience in sporting events and tournaments

University Students

If you are currently studying and need to complete a large amount of volunteer hours or practical experience, volunteering with Manly Touch is a great opportunity for you!

In just one weekend you can knock off plenty of your required hours. You can also add it to your CV and this could also help you in finding future employment.

Want to find out more?

Whether you can only help for a couple of hours, a day or the whole weekend, Manly Touch needs your help! We have a number of positions to be filled and we can suit it to your availability.

For more information please contact our Admin Manager via [email protected]