All future Manly Warringah Touch Association (MWTA) competitions will be conducted under the new Touch Football Australia (TFA) Rules, 8th Edition.

Please refer to the Manly Warringah Touch Association By-Laws – Junior and Senior Competition Rules which specify supplementary competition laws and procedures to be applied by MWTA in all our local competitions.

All teams participating in MWTA competitions agree to be bound by TFA and MWTA By-Laws, rules and procedures. Some key components are:


  • MWTA Executive Committee has appointed an Administration Manager to administer our local competitions and a Ground Manager to run the actual game day operations, ensuring all local competitions are conducted in adherence with MWTA’s By-Laws.


  • Teams are required to register via the MWTA’s online registration system using the link available on this website prior to the deadline date.
  • A team’s registration will not be accepted unless each team is accompanied with the name of two points of contact, preferably a qualified coach and manager. These team officials will be the primary contact for their team. All communications from MWTA for the competition will be via these contacts.
  • Teams will be required to pay their team’s registration fee, as set by the MWTA Executive Committee, as part of the registration process, prior to the start of the competition. Un-financial teams will not be entered into the draw or will be removed from fixtures until outstanding amounts are paid. No part or individual payments can be made.
  • All players must be registered by the first game of the competition for insurance purposes. Unregistered players will be unable to take the field. Participants are not covered by the Touch Football Australia National Insurance Scheme until they are registered online.
  • All players in our Senior competitions must also sign their team’s sign on sheet each week prior to the commencement of their game for insurance purposes. The sign on sheets are located adjacent to the Ground Manager’s desk on game nights.
  • All MWTA registered players and officials are covered by Sportscover however players must have registered ONLINE (and signed on if applicable) to be covered.


  • MWTA follows the Touch Football Australia 8th Edition rules regarding uniform requirements. Please refer to the MWTA By Laws for additional information.

Draw, Results and Ladders

Player Eligibility

  • Players can only register and play in one (1) team per division. 
  • A player must have played a minimum of five (5) matches for a team in that particular division, grade and pool to qualify to play in that team for the finals series.
  • There are By-Laws regarding the minimum ages allowed to play in both the senior or junior competitions. Please refer to the MWTA By-Laws for more information.
  • There are By-Laws regarding the number of players allowed on a field and that can be registered in your team depending on whether you have a senior or junior team. Please refer to the MWTA By-Laws for more information.
  • There are By-Laws regarding the number of representative players allowed to play per junior and senior teams. Please refer to the MWTA By-Laws for more information.

Duty of Care

  • Touch Football games will not go ahead in the case of heavy rain, hail, lightening, thunderstorms or extreme heat.
  • MWTA uses the TFA approved Concussion in Sport Policy. These Return to Sport Protocols should be adhered to if a player suffers any form of concussion during a MWTA competition game regardless of the mildness or severity of the incident.
  • Any player with a bleeding cut or abrasion is to leave the field immediately and have the cut or abrasion cleaned and covered. At this time, any blood-stained clothing must also be either cleaned or replaced.
  • All persons accept that, by participating in our competitions, they may be photographed/filmed and that these images may be used by the MWTA for the promotion of our club and sport.

Zero Tolerance

  • MWTA supports a zero tolerance in regards abuse of referees. Such behaviour can lead to players being cited and/or teams losing competition points.


  • All protests regarding breaches of by-laws are to be submitted in writing by the Team Contact immediately following the match, and addressed to the MWTA Executive Committee via our Admin Manager at [email protected].

The MWTA Executive Committee reserves the right to alter any local competition rules it deems fit.

If you would like more information on our By-Laws and Local Junior and Senior Competiton Rules contact our Admin Manager at [email protected]