This year’s NSWTA Junior State Cup Northern Conference event saw the Manly Junior Representative teams and their entourage travel for the first time to Dubbo on the last weekend in February….and Dubbo, you did not disappoint! Fields like bowling greens, quality touch across all age divisions, space to roam to catch all our teams in action, great food options on ground, walking distance from our accommodation – it had it all.

Over the three-day event our teams raced to finals day on Sunday with an impressive 51 wins, 4 draws and 2 losses from our 10 teams competing. A massive 458 tries were scored by our teams on the first two days during the pool phase, with only 74 tries conceded – impressive indeed.

As with any sporting event, Manly Touch had some heartbreaking results to knock some teams out of their finals race on Day 3, but with all teams progressing to at least the Quarter Finals, 5 teams going all the way to the Grand Final, and our 16s and 18s Girls coming our Champions, Manly Touch finished second on the Club Championship table, narrowly beaten by Renegades for the first time in 10 years.

Our 16s and 18s Girls progressed through to the NSWTA 2023 JSC State Finals on March 5th, taking on the winners of the JSC Southern Conference in their divisions in a best-of-three series. Our U18s Girls were victorious over Canberra Brindie, with our U16s Girls going down to Hills on the day.

For full details of JSC Northern Conference and State Finals results click here.

JSC 2023 Northern Conference – Manly Touch Results:

10 Boys – Grand Finalists

10 Girls – Grand Finalists

12 Boys – Grand Finalists

12 Girls – Quarter Finalists

14 Boys – Quarter Finalists

14 Girls – Semi Finalists

16 Boys – Semi Finalists

16 Girls – Champions

18 Boys – Semi Finalists

18 Girls – Champions

JSC 2023 State Finals – Manly Touch Results:

18 Girls – Champions

16 Girls – Runners Up

A huge congratulations to all our players on another epic Junior State Cup campaign, the Manly Touch player talent pool is brimming and we are so proud of you all. To the parents and family members who support all our players, our gratitude goes to you for sharing the JSC journey with your children once again – it is so rewarding but also an enormous commitment.

Thank you to our Coaches & Managers

We simply could not enjoy the successes that we do without the dedication of our volunteer coaches and managers. These individuals give so many hours of their time to facilitate trainings, attend gala days, manage our teams and make the experience for our players that much more enjoyable. To our Coaches and Managers from both our JSC Representative and Development teams we wish to acknowledge and thank you for being such an integral part of the Manly Family.

2023 JSC & Development Coaches & Managers:

10 Boys – Indra Adnyana, Al Gillett, Craig Lowe and Sally Bate

10 Boys Dev – Joe Metuisela, Emma Crerar, Wendy Aitken and Josie Tauro

10 Girls – Sailor Perrett, Paul MacPherson and Leanne Stephens

10 Girls Dev – Waqa Kacilala, Andrew Pritchard and Kristen Welsh

12 Boys – Willie Bishop, Ian Kalms, Zac Simons and Sky Bishop

12 Boys Dev – Tim Tilden, Nathan McLachlan and Carly Dircks

12 Girls – Chloe Butcher, Caitlin Hickey and Kate Perrett

12 Girls Dev – Donna Lincoln and Belinda Boylan

14 Boys – Joel Marsters, Aron Watson and Nicolette Glazewski

14 Boys Dev – Aron Watson and Jenny Wickham

14 Girls – Millie Durdevic, Maddi McGrath and Sharri Wanakore

14 Girls Dev – Georgia Walker and Leischa Gray

16 Boys – Craig Lowe, Jaycob Fong and Wendy Marsters

16 Girls – Keith Smith, Kate Ryan and Kellie Cohen

18 Boys – Tua Marsters, Aydan Marsters and Lara Long

18 Girls – Christian Browne, Imogen Sayer and Michelle French

Thank you to our Referees & Officials

To our referees and officials who ensure we are able to compete at Junior State Cup each year, we thank you for your dedication to the game and our great club, your contribution does not go unnoticed.

2023 JSC Northern Conference and State Finals Referees & Officials:

  • Brandon Sanderson
  • Mark Hawthorne
  • Sabrina Zochling
  • Clive Elks
  • Callum Elks
  • Luci Carpenter
  • Tom Marsters
  • Steven Bell
  • Ann Kelly
  • Tua Marsters
  • Tom Marsters
  • Aydan Marsters
  • Peter Cooper
  • Jill Zochling