Manly Warringah Touch Association (MWTA) would like to announce that Mel Scranage and Elizabeth Forrest have stepped down from their roles as Treasurer and Secretary respectively of MWTA.

Mel Scranage was appointed as Interim Secretary 3.5 years ago and later was elected to the Manly Touch Executive Committee as our Treasurer in 2018.

At the same time, Elizabeth Forrest was elected to the MWTA Executive Committee as our Secretary.

MWTA President Ian Kalms acknowledged the valuable contributions and input of Mel and Elizabeth over the last three years. “Being on the Manly Touch Executive Committee is one of the toughest volunteer roles of all, and both have performed their roles with dedication, diligence and honour. Both Mel and Elizabeth have given their time and resources to our club and have been part of some significant successes that Manly Touch has had,” he said.

“During their tenure, there has been significant growth and improved service offerings for our members. As a club we have grown our participation numbers and revenues by over 25% in just two years, we now offer an U7s competition, C grade in most of our junior competitions, with D and E grades in our Senior Competitions which improves our members’ experience at grassroots level. On the back of the enormous growth in both our Junior and Senior summer competitions, we have experienced a 50% increase in the number of teams competing in our 2021 winter competition which is an outstanding result. We hold both the Junior and Senior State Cup Club Championships and NSWTA Affiliate of the Year, we have had increased grant and sponsorship acquisitions plus we now have a refurbished canteen, water refill station, new amenity building at Nolan Reserve for members to use, and most importantly we now have a true home in being a co-tenant of the Christian Brothers Clubhouse.”

“We would not have been able to accomplish and achieve what we have done recently without Mel and Elizabeth’s amazing efforts as part of our Executive team. Mel and Elizabeth will be truly missed by myself and the rest of the Executive, however, we are sure they will still play a part in our success moving forward in other volunteer capacities.”

As a result of their resignations, two casual vacancies existed on the MWTA Executive Committee. 

Therefore as per the MWTA Constitution, the MWTA Executive has appointed Graham Knights and Sarah Peattie as interim Executive Committee members until the next MWTA Annual General Meeting. 

“Graham Knights is our past President and therefore brings a wealth of knowledge about the club’s operations and history which is always great to have, but it is particularly exciting to have a current Premier League player in Sarah Peattie wishing to contribute back to the club and will provide a direct voice for our elite level athletes and younger generations. Sarah’s background is in Human Resources which will also be invaluable for the club moving forward. We look forward to working with Sarah and Graham with some even more exciting times ahead,” Ian said.

Sarah and Graham join Manly Touch President Ian and Vice Presidents Kate Perrett and Stuart Geros to make up the Executive Committee.

For more information please contact Ian Kalms, MWTA President via