Sarah Peattie was appointed as Interim Secretary in April 2021 and later that year, at our AGM, was elected to the Manly Touch Executive Committee as our Secretary.

MWTA President Graham Knights acknowledged the valuable contribution and input Sarah has had over the last two years. “Being on the Manly Touch Executive Committee is one of the toughest volunteer roles of all, and Sarah has performed her role with the same dedication she displays when playing touch football for Manly,” he said.

Having a current Manly Touch Premier League player on the Executive has been invaluable, giving our representative players a voice on the Executive whilst also offering an insider’s view of how our club can support, utilise and interact with our representative players.

Sarah has had to resign from her position on the Executive as she has decided to embark on an overseas sojourn for the next year or two. We wish Sarah safe travels and will miss her presence, not only from the Executive Committee, but around Nolans in our local comps and on the representative touch field.

As a result of her resignation, a casual vacancy existed on the MWTA Executive Committee. 

Therefore as per the MWTA Constitution, the MWTA Executive has appointed Chloe Butcher as an interim Executive Committee member until the next MWTA Annual General Meeting. 

“Chloe Butcher is a well known player and coach at Manly Touch, whilst being an experienced orthopaedic nurse practitioner and surgical assistant in her professional life. She brings a wealth of knowledge about the game having played not only for Manly but also NSW and Australia, and has been an integral part of our junior coaching ranks for the last few years, spear heading the development and mentoring of some of our up and coming junior female coaches. Chloe brings an enormous amount of enthusiasm and positivity to the Executive and we look forward to working with Chloe and continuing to take our great club forward with her assistance,” Graham said.

Chloe joins Manly Touch President Graham and Vice President Kate Perrett, along with Treasurer Paul MacPherson to make up the Executive Committee.