The draw for this week’s final round of the Junior Summer Competition is now available on the website under the FIXTURES & RESULTS menu item. Please note that there is a Grand Final fixture for the teams placed first and second in each grade, whilst all other teams will play in our Play Off fixture.


As some grades have BYES we have done everything we can to ensure all teams have a game in this last round of our junior competition, which has meant some teams needing to play twice or teams playing outside their own pool. Please see below for additional game information (this will be published to the draw shortly) –

  • 11/12/20 16:50 – Team Titans U7B Black vs Seaforth Stingrays U7B White – Passmore 4B
  • 11/12/20 18:50 – Champions U9BB Blue vs Bears U9BB Black – Passmore 4A
  • 11/12/20 18:10 – Bad Biddies U13GB Maroon vs Manly Sea Angels U13GC Black – Nolan Reserve 2
  • 11/12/20 19:30 – Leopards U13BC Maroon vs The Avengers U13BB Maroon – Nolan Reserve 5


If for some reason your team cannot play in our final round and needs to forfeit can you please advise ASAP by emailing admin@manlytouch.com


As we are still operating under the current Public Health Order we continue to be limited to 25-minute games with no allowance for overtime. Therefore, at the conclusion of our final round matches if the score is tied the team that is ranked #1 on the competition ladder going into the Grand Final round will be awarded the win.


The games played by our U7 teams are not Grand Finals, they are just for fun. All our U7 players will receive a medal at the conclusion of their games.


Due to COVID restrictions, there will be no presentations this year, however, we ask both Grand Final teams to come to the front of the Southern Amenity clubhouse for a quick photo and to collect their trophies at the conclusion of their match.


Manly Touch is pleased to advise that one parent/guardian per child may attend the final round of matches this week but as we are still operating under the current Public Health Order and COVID Safety Plan we cannot exceed 500 persons in a hub at one time. The Kiss & Drop will still be in operation so if your team wishes to continue with limited parent/guardian’s attending they will be able to do so.

We implore all those attending the final round of matches to review and adhere to our COVID safety protocols below:

Social Distancing –

  • Social distancing measures are always to be maintained – 1 person per 4 sq. metres.
  • Parents do not stand next to each other on the sidelines – remain 1.5m from each other.
  • Remain 5m away from the playing area and preferably at the end of the fields.
  • No congregation around our Clubhouses.

Arrive-Play-Leave –

  • Arrive via your correct Hub, ready to play and head straight to your field no more than 5 mins prior to the game. 
  • Players and spectators must vacate playing fields immediately after their game.
  • There are to be no pre-game warmups or post-game debriefs.
Hygiene & Cleaning – 
  • Sanitising stations are located at the Ground Manager Desks and between hubs.

Record Keeping – 

  • All parents must sign in using the QR codes provided at each Hub. 
  • The onsite Manager/Contact for each team is to record all players in attendance for their team game via the QR codes.

Hub Swapping –

  • Do not cross hubs, go directly to your field.
  • If players are playing in multiple hubs, they must change their playing shirts, sanitise their hands at the stations before moving into the new Hub.
  • If parents need to move between Hubs they must sign into the new Hub using the QR codes provided.
  • Players (and parents) cannot move between Hubs just to watch their friends or siblings play.