Our Junior Summer touch football competition kicks off Thursday 15th and Friday 16th October 2020.
Please note that like all community sports Manly Touch must operate under the NSW Government Public Health Orders currently in place. For community sport, the limit for public gatherings is a maximum of 500 persons at a venue at any one time.
In ensuring we meet the Public Health Orders Manly Touch have put the following specific protocols in place to ensure our 2020 Junior Summer FRIDAY Competition is a COVID safe environment to play for our junior members:


  • Please remember that social distancing measures are always to be maintained i.e. adequate spacing of not more than 1 person per 4 sq. metres.
  • There is to be no congregation around the Clubhouse or Ground Managers Information Desks.


  • Only one (1) parent can attend while the current Public Health Orders are governing us. It is not something we want to have in place, however, due to the nature of having multiple fields and large participation numbers on a Friday afternoon/evening we need to ensure that we do not breach Public Health Orders. Therefore, we must adhere to the one (1) parent spectator limit.


  • Nolan Reserve will be split into two ‘Hubs’ and Passmore Reserve will also operate as separate ‘Hub’:

            * Hub A – Nolan Reserve playing fields 1-5 (North)
            * Hub B – Nolan Reserve playing fields 6-15 (South)
            * Hub C – Passmore Reserve fields 1-5

  • A physical barricade has now been erected between fields 1-5 and 6-15 for the duration of the season.
  • A maximum of 500 people are allowed inside each Hub at any one time.


  • Players playing on Nolan’s fields 1-5 can only enter and leave the playing fields via Pittwater Road north or the North Manly Bowling Club/Manly Touch Clubhouse car park.
  • Players playing on Nolan’s fields 6-15 can only enter and leave the playing fields via Pittwater Road south or the Manly Cove car park.
  • Players playing on Passmore Reserve can only enter and leave the playing fields via Campbell Parade.
  • If players are playing in multiple time slots and need to move between Hubs, they will need to report to the sanitising station between the Hubs, change their playing shirts and sanitise their hands before being allowed to move into the new Hub.
  • Parents moving between Hubs must check out of the Hub they were in and sign into the new Hub using the QR codes provided at the sanitising stations.


  • We are operating under ARRIVE-PLAY-LEAVE protocol.
  • When you arrive, please head straight to your allocated field. That means arrive 5 mins prior to your game, dressed ready to play, and go straight to your field. If arriving early remain in your vehicle until 5 mins prior to your game.
  • There is a 15-minute break between games to allow enough time for players/spectators to vacate the fields before players/spectators arrive for the next round of games.
  • Players and spectators must vacate playing fields, Nolan Reserve and Passmore Reserve immediately after your game – do not congregate.
  • There are to be no pre-game warmups or post-game debriefs.


  • This year we will have three (3) Ground Managers, one for each Hub. 
  • The Ground Managers at Nolan Reserve will be located at the Manly Touch Clubhouse for Hub A, and the Southern Amenity building for Hub B.
  • The Ground Manager at Passmore Reserve will be located at the southern end of the fields, adjacent to Campbell Parade.
  • If you have any queries or questions, please direct these to the Ground Manager in your Hub.


  • All U7’s and U9’s games at Passmore Reserve will be two (2) x 11½ min halves with a 2 min half-time.
  • All U11’s to U17’s games at Nolan Reserve Hubs A and B will be a 25-minute straight game with no half time. If a try is scored teams then change direction in which they run.
  • If there is a shared sideline you can sub anywhere along your defensive end of the field i.e. from the halfway line to the opposition’s try line. If it is a non-shared sideline, then you can sub anywhere from try line to try line.


  • There will be five sanitising stations located at:

            * Manly Touch Clubhouse Ground Manager Desk
            * Southern Amenity Ground Manager Desk
            * Passmore Reserve Ground Manager Desk
            * Bridge between Passmore Reserve to Nolan Reserve
            * Public pathway splitting Nolan Reserve between Hub A and Hub B

  • NO sharing of water bottles or towels – all MUST be clearly individually labelled.
  • NO hands in huddles – NO high fives and NO pre/post-game handshakes. 
  • NO Spitting.
  • ALL players are to bring personal hand sanitiser to be used pre, during and post-game.


  • Players must be registered in their respective team via MySideline before the commencement of Round 1.
  • All players and spectators must sign in using the QR codes provided at each Hub.
  • If parents move between Hubs they must check out of the Hub they were in and sign into the new Hub using the QR codes provided.


  • There will be NO canteen or BBQ this year due to social distancing restrictions.


  • Our COVID Safe Hygiene Marshals will patrol the fields to ensure compliance with the before-mentioned protocols, especially moving teams/players/parents off the fields at the end of their games.
  • They will be easily identifiable in their orange high-vis uniforms.
  • They will also assist with spectators signing in using our QR Codes.
  • Failure to follow the instructions of our Marshals or any Manly Touch Committee Member is a serious issue for Manly Touch. This could mean a show-cause notice as to why your team should not be removed from the competition.


  • If you feel unwell, do not attend games and you must seek medical clearance before returning.
  • If you have had contact in the past 14 days with a known or suspected case of COVID-19 or have returned from Victoria or an identified hotspot as listed on the NSW Health website (www.nsw.gov.au/covid-19/latest-news-and-updatesyou must not attend and seek medical clearance before returning.
  • All suspected cases must be reported immediately to safety@manlytouch.com.
  • Please refer to our website www.manlytouch.com/covid-19/ which includes our Safety Plan, Return-to-Play Protocols and Guidelines and a number of checklists and tips to ensure your safe return to play.


If you would like to download a PDF version of these Covid-19 Safety Protocols click here

Manly Touch will continue to monitor the situation via NSW Health and NSW Touch Association. Should any change to the Public Health Order on public gathering limits be announced we will advise on this immediately.
We appreciate your patience and understanding, and we wish you all the best for the coming season.

If you have any queries or questions please contact admin@manlytouch.com