Following the announcement from the Berryman family that they will be leaving Manly Touch after 25 years of involvement with our club, Manly Touch would like to sincerely thank all the Berryman family for all they have done to contribute to the success of our local and representative programs and acknowledge the strong friendships that have been formed.

Many of our Manly Touch members know the Berryman Whanau (Gloria, Edith, Roha, Stevie, Harry and Potatau for their strong sense of family, commitment and dedication they bring to our Junior and Senior local competitions, as well as Representative programs as coaches, managers, referees, players, mentors, friends, canteen managers, committee members and volunteers.

The Berryman Whanau approach to community sport has had a positive impact on the success of Manly Touch at all levels and they will be greatly missed. Their ethic of ‘work hard’ and ’never give up’ was felt by many players, managers, coaches and parents.

Manly Touch will continue to deliver and run its local junior and senior competitions as well as provide representative pathways for all members who wish to pursue these opportunities. There will be more information on our social media platforms and website over the next week and we ask you to check these for further updates.

It is with a heavy heart that many at Manly Touch see them go but at the same time we also recognise the exciting opportunities ahead for them and we also wish them all the success and happiness for the future at their new home.

From the Executive Committee, on behalf of Manly Touch