LILA® Exogen®, the most advanced and comprehensive wearable resistance solution for athletes, will partner with Manly Warringah Touch Association as a Senior Partner for the 2018/19 season.

Local based company Kinetic Sport Science is the proud distributor of LILA® Exogen® in Australia.

“We’re really looking forward to introducing the LILA® Exogen® suits to athletes across the Northern Beaches and we’re equally excited to be partnering with Manly Touch to help us spread the word to as many local sports and fitness minded people as possible,” said Kinetic Sport Science Director, Jason Taudien.

“LILA® Exogen® is an exciting alternative to traditional exercise equipment. This could redefine how we train our representative teams at Manly Touch.”

Ian Kalms, Manly Touch President praised the drive and initiative of Jason in bringing the LILA® Exogen® suits to realisation here in Australia.

“LILA® Exogen® suits will provide an incredible new offering to sports communities,” said Ian. “We are very proud to be able share this new journey with Jason and we are excited to be a part of the launch of such a unique and compelling concept.” he also added.

Jason’s children participate in the Manly Touch junior competition and have played for various Manly Touch representative teams for a number of years.

To celebrate the upcoming launch, the LILA® Exogen® logo will appear on our local junior summer competition playing shirts as part of the partnership agreement.

About LILA® Exogen®

LILA® Exogen®, is a unique range of anatomic specific high performance compression exoskeletons with combined light fusiform© loads redefining wearable resistance enabling:

* Sport training specificity without compromising technique
* Development of athlete injury resistance
* Maximal efficiency of training & optimising transference 

With its compression base and its ability to progressively apply anatomical engineered weights anywhere on the body, LILA® Exogen® is able to transfer athlete loaded resistance training to improve unloaded sport specific movement performance.

If you would like more information on this please contact Ian Kalms, MWTA President or if you are interested in sponsorship opportunities with Manly Touch contact Mania Marsters, Community Engagement Director